Wanted List

As you know, we are always on the lookout for videos from International wavelength, Inc. I have compiled a list of titles
below that I am looking for. If you have any of these titles, email us and we will make u a deal like no one else

For every VHS title you have, we will give you $100 in FREE DVD's. PLUS a DVD Copy of the video you submitted to us.

So take a look in your video collection, and shoot me a email today if you have any of them.
The videos must be:
Original/With labels
In good playing condition
Should have the original artwork if available!

Do you have any of these titles? Let me know!!!

Mexican Videos
Heart Throbs
Hot Climax
Legends 1
Love Drops
Made In Mexico
Paradise Splendor
Rising Sombreros
Throbbing Hard
Timescapes 1
Timescapes 2
Young And Eager

Creators Videos- Mosaic Pillow Books
Green Field Of Summer
Hidden Fruit
Japanese Summer
Man In Full Bloom
Seinen: The Legend

No Mosaic Japanese titles
Captive Love
Dream Boys
Hooded Stranger
Presage Of Eastern Wind
Samurai In Heat
Virgin Samurai

Fresh Features
Class of 88
Class of 89
Class of 91
Second Semester 92

Thai Videos - Lotus Blossom
Fantasy in Chang Mai

First Class Male
Honey Bears
Smooth Touch

Caribbean Titles
Caribbe Summer
Come In The Afternoon
Delicious Dominicans
Dominican Brown Sugar
Dominican playboys
Dominican Solo
El Caribbe Grande
Island In The Sun
Latino Sex Machines
Latino Triple Play
Mario Comes Out
Meringue Magic
Tropical Playmates

Filipino Titles
Tropical Males
Young Love - Sweet Lust